I am always trying to move past the inevitability of photography capturing only a moment and arrive at an image that will represent the subject as they present themselves to the world. Many people see photographs as a frozen moment in time, but they can be so much more than that. Using light like a paintbrush and the subject as a canvas you can capture images that never existed and your eye could never see. That is where the magic of photography exists. 
       I graduated Bard College, where I studied under Steven Shore, An-My Le, and Larry Fink. I then moved to New York City, there I worked under Jesse Froman, Jennifer Pottheiser, and many others. While honing my craft and gaining experience I became interested in retouching, what it could add to images, how it could refine the world, and create fantastical images that would otherwise be impossible. This enabled me to work on images for brands such as Delta Airlines, Prada, Coach, David Yurman, Brandon Blackwood, Louboutin, and UNICEF. 
    I moved to Providence Rhode Island in 2017 seeking a more close-knit community to live and work in. My focus is to create unique content for small businesses and local individuals while building collaborative relationships in the community. I provide dedicated attention and tailored expertise to all my clients, and look forward to bringing your vision to life. I think that anything is possible and I am set on proving that to myself and my clients.


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